Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the content from School SLP 101? 

All the videos and downloads will be availible to you on You'll need internet access to watch the videos. 

What topics are included? 

You can download the course outline here. 

Is it self-paced or do I watch a video every week? 

The course is self-paced. As soon as you enroll you have access to all the content. 

How long are the videos. 

Each video is 2-15 minutes long, but most are 2-4 minutes. They are broken down into small parts so you can come back and watch just what you need to later without fastforwarding through videos. 

How long do I have to finish the course? 

The course content will be availble for one year from your start date. 

Can I earn ASHA CEUs?

The course is not sponsored by ASHA or aligned with ASHA so that you can earn credit added to your registry, but you can use the hours toward your ASHA continuing education maintenance. When you complete the course, you will download your certificate. Once your coursework (watching every video) is verified you will earn a certificate to indicate you completed hours towards your certification. 

Are these hours ASHA approved? 

No, but they do meet the requirements. Click here to learn more. If you did continuing education at your school for literacy instruction, you would get a certificate and that is your evidence of completing hours towards your maintenance. This course works the same way. I will give you the same type of certificate plus the verification form from ASHA's website completed. 

Why can't you turn in my hours to the ASHA registry? 

To be a provider that utilizes the ASHA registry, I would have to invest a signifiant amount with ASHA. To keep course costs low, I am not affiliated with the registry. 

How many hours does the course take?

If you complete each module, you will earn 3 CMH.

Thank You!

If you have more questions, email me [email protected]

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